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Kinderhook Partners, LLC is an investment adviser founded in 2003, focused on making long-term investments in small public companies and to a lesser degree promising private companies. We manage a concentrated portfolio of investments in companies we believe have the potential to grow substantially over at least a three to five year period and in which the interests of management are closely aligned with the interests of shareholders. We will consider investment opportunities in a variety of industries, focusing on companies which have sustainable attractive margins and return on equity. While we do extensive due diligence on companies utilizing a wide range of publicly available information, we generally do not become insiders or take board seats. We acquire positions by either buying stock on the open market, through block transactions, or through private placements, typically targeting $10 to $30 million investments per position. When investing through private placements, we favor uncomplicated common stock purchases which can be carried out quickly and with limited transaction costs. Our client(s) has given us substantial discretion in terms of our investment authority, giving us the flexibility to invest for the long-term in even extremely thinly traded, illiquid stocks.

Our experience stems from over 20 years of investing in private companies through Geocapital Partners, a leading venture capital firm founded in 1984.